These Sacred Things

About the Exhibition

These Sacred Things is an exhibition that celebrates SG50, Singapore's 50th Birthday! Quek Kiat Sing is one of the participating artisst.

Artist's statement for "Gentle Whispers"

 Singapore has come a long way for the past 50 years and we have achieved greatly in terms of our economic and infrastructural growth.  As we move forward, my personal wish for all Singaporean would be to grow in aspects that are less tangible.  One of these intangibles will include our love and care for our environment, such as the animals around us that are often unnoticed and incapable of making a statement for themselves.

It is interesting to me that despite Singapore being heavily urbanised, many animals choose to come to our shores, making it their preferred habitats. We have, for instance the elephants that swam to Pulau Tekong in 1990; and having been sent back to Malaysia, swam back again the following year to Pulau Ubin.  Recently, otters are making frequent appearances in Pungol water area, and even Marina Bay Sands. Some have even sighted pink dolphins in our sea, while others discovered turtles laying eggs on our shore. Perhaps our shores or water around us are getting more conducive for their living conditions.  If so, we should give ourselves a round of applauses. It is also in the headlines not too long ago, that our Sister Island is fast becoming a home for many more sea creatures, including seahorses.

My work entitled “Gentle Whispers” is a foldable frame with ink paintings of these beautiful creatures that have visited our island.  It serves to remind us to take some time from our busy lifestyle to appreciate the bigger nature around us.  We should never take them for granted. We have to constantly remind ourselves that we are part of the animal kingdom, and a respect for the rest of nature is crucial.  While the animals do not have a voice to speak up for themselves, their appearances might be the best attempts they have made to communicate with us.   Our efforts to clean our beaches and be environmentally-friendly with our waste discharge to the sea will no doubt welcome more animals. In the years to come, I certainly hope more Singaporeans will hear these creatures.

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Exhibition Venue

Jendela, Esplanade Theatre by the Bay

Exhibition Duration

16 Jan - 1 Mar 2015

Opening Hour

Mon - Fri (11am - 8:30pm)

Sat, Sun & Public Holiday (10am - 8:30pm)