Mirages of Ink水墨蜃景

About the Exhibition

Mirages of Ink by Quek Kiat Sing comprises three different bodies of works by the artist. A revisit on the subject of lotus creates a refreshing new essay on the lotus pond - a different take after more than a decade.  Being true to who and where she is, Kiat Sing continues to create mundane images of people in Singapore, such as those found on the train and at the hawker centre. Through them, she demonstrates how ink painting is very much alive and relevant today. She also ventures into collages with her own ink pieces as well as with mixed media. This platform of play renders great freedom of expression for the artist. The many forms of ink and the liberalization of ink into new dimensions offers a cocktail of possibilities with the traditional Chinese ink medium.


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Exhibition Venue

Art-2 Gallery, 140 Hill Street #01-03, Old Hill Street Police Station, Singapore 179369

Exhibition Duration

Exhibition Opening on 14 January 2016, 6:30pm. Show will continue till 30 Jan 2016 (Closed on Sunday)

Opening Hour

11am - 7pm, daily (Closed on Sunday)