Hsiung, Lu-Fang, Reflections of Interest: Juxtaposing Art and Life, Poses and Movements: Solo Exhibition by Quek Kiat Sing, Singapore, 20122012-09-30

Comprising three different series of Chinese ink and colour pigment artworks, Quek Kiat Sing’s upcoming exhibition “Poses and Movements” will be held at the Luxe Art Museum, and is her fifth solo exhibition to date. It features subject matter from art and literature, as well as candid captures of the people around her in local everyday life.

Namely, the artworks are from her Fantaisie-Parodieseries, “Blue Ramayana Series”, and “Everyday Singapore”. The first is a collection of Chinese ink paintings based on visual fragments from various French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings, which have been intuitively pieced together in new compositions based on Kiat Sing’s aesthetic sensibilities. Through this series of ink paintings, Kiat Sing compares the idea of French Impressionism which aimed to depict fleeting impressions of light and colour, with 写意画 – xie yi hua, a genre of traditional Chinese ink painting which aims to capture the spirit or essence of the subject matter rather than its actual physical appearance in full realistic detail.

On the other hand, the “Blue Ramayana Series” depicts various scenes and characters from the ancient Sanskrit epic “Ramayana” in a vivid indigo blue pigment colour, based on Kiat Sing’s sketches and photos of actual Indian dancers practicing for the performance of “Ramayana”. Background elements such as the forest, palace, supporting characters and even the costumes are then added on, replaced or refined in keeping with Kiat Sing’s imagination of how the scenes from “Ramayana” would look like.

The third series “Everyday Singapore” is an assortment of ink paintings that document familiar scenes and people around her, ranging from commuters travelling on the bus or Mass Rapid Transit train, to family members engaged in ordinary activities such as watching television, using the computer, doing homework, going to the market, and so on.

Set against each other in one exhibition, the three series of paintings form a juxtaposition of the fantastical with the mundane, imagination with reality, linear progression with whimsical intuition, the past with the present, and contrast rich cultural subject matter with depictions of simpler daily experiences. They also offer a platform for contemplation to compare the art and cultures of the East and West. To some extent, these are themes that are also echoed within the smaller-scale individual juxtapositions of the “Fantaisie-Parodie” series.

Through her paintings of the human figures, ideas, images and moments that capture her attention, Kiat Sing explores subject matter of personal, cultural, conceptual, and aesthetic interest. The exhibition reflects both Kiat Sing’s exposure to and interest in various facets of arts and cultures, as well as the unique flavour and distinct characteristics of everyday life in present-day Singapore.

While the subject matter of the various painting series may appear disparate, the underlying thread that runs through the artworks on display is Kiat Sing’s interest in the human figure, as well as the nuances and variation of line work, the balance between dark and light, and her calling to continue using the age old medium of Chinese ink in a contemporary age.

In following her love of ink painting, Kiat Sing’s explorations are a natural and open sharing of her world. While ostensibly her artworks may not be colourful or beautiful by today’s standards of visual stimulation, when seen as a whole they provide a view of a rich, interesting and colourful world of many layers that is capable of being expressed even with the use of a very limited palette.

Hsiung Lu-Fang
21 April 2012

Quek Kiat Sing画家介绍

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